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"With each step and breath the Buddha comes alive. Shantum's knowledge, insight and humor brings joy to those journeying with him in the footsteps of the Buddha."
-Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Zen Master, Plum Village, France
"This wondrous journey opens Dharma door after Dharma door. Led by Shantum Seth, the pilgrimage teaches you through history and living Buddhism what the heart of the Buddha was truly about. Shantum himself is an example of practice, an inspiration and a teacher of grace, kindness and insight. With him, you feel the presence of Buddhism as a living tradition of compassion."
-Joan Halifax Roshi, Founding Teacher, Upaya Foundation, USA


"I never join tour groups, but "In the Footsteps of the Buddha" turned out to be the best introduction to the Buddha's life, to India's sacred Buddhist pilgrimage sites and to group leader Shantum Seth...... Shantum is good at balancing between tour leader..part psychotherapist- and skillful Buddhism teacher."
-Excerpt from National Geographic, Perry Garfinkel, Author of "Buddha or Bust"

"Shantum's Buddhapath journeys lead the awakening pilgrim to visions of the ancient paradise of Shakyamuni and his enlightened community, still living in the midst of Mother India in all her paradoxical glory."
-Professor Robert Thurman University of Columbia, USA


“Shantum's love of Buddha-dharma and in-depth historical understanding was a constant source of enrichment.  For me the value of an 'outer' pilgrimage is the ability to nourish the 'inner' pilgrimage - travelling with Shantum did just that.”
-Dr. Larry Rosenberg, Guide and Teacher, Cambridge Insight Meditation Centre, USA

"There may well be other tours to the Buddhist pilgrimage sites. What was important to me was to be guided by someone with intimate knowledge of and sensitivity to the Dharma, the sacred sites, the land and its' people. Shantum Seth manifested this rare combination. For me, the pilgrimage was very rich and fulfilling. I will savour it for years".
- Eloise Ross-Jones, Australia
"Whether you are a Buddhist pilgrim or simply want to learn more about the sources of Buddhism, you will find Shantum Seth's guided journey to the places in India where the Buddha lived and taught, a deeply enriching and unforgettable experience."
-Stephen Batchelor, Author of Buddhism without Beliefs


"The most worthwhile journey of my life. This pilgrimage is unique."
-Doris Field, Nurse, USA


"Shantum orchestrates a wonderful trip that touches the heart of India. Traveling in mindfulness, with a sangha, provides a support nourishment and spirit that makes the pilgrimage an immeasurable joy".
-Michael Grossi, Monk


"Shantum guided us skillfully through the sacred ancient sites and also through modern India treating us as friends and guests. He bridges East and West effortlessly, with great humanity. The stories of the Buddha's life as we sat in the gardens at Lumbini, strolled the ruins of Buddha's palace,or watched the sun set on the exact spot where he died - helped me understand the drama of his life, and the significance of his teachings."
- Jim Gollin, Financial Advisor


"Throughout the journey Shantum looks after every detail. Whether it is sorting out tickets, bargaining with shopkeepers, buying fruit or just choosing a menu. Shantum takes care of it all. You are then free to concentrate on the pilgrimage and to absorb the atmosphere of India."
- Robert Bluck, Author of British Buddhism, UK


"Shantum led a Buddhist pilgrimage to the ancient sites in India. His ability to coordinate scheduling, living accommodations and transportation was impressive. His skill and knowledge as a guide are unsurpassed. He made the journey highly meaningful for me and my fellow travelers, all from the States. His passion for the history and teachings of the Buddha made the experience a life-changing one. Thank you, Shantum! When I get the chance to visit India again, Shantum is the one I will choose to lead the tour."
- Katharine Bertolet, Psy.D. (Licensed Psychologist in Private Practice)


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