We are not your typical tour company. We differ from others in the places we visit, the way in which we travel, the guides/leaders who accompany our guests and the people who join us! And we have cultivated these differences because we want to offer the most informed and authentic experience of India. We want these journeys to be educational and transformative, while being enjoyable and exciting.

Please let us invite you to explore India with us.

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Thich Nhat Hanh with Shantum Seth endorsing "In the Footsteps of the Buddha". Pulm Village 2006


Buddhapath (Eleven Directions) is 3rd in this august global list (including Plum village and Spirit Rock) of inner journeys in outer spaces. Rating has been done by CNN. Read more...
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Small Groups

Most of our group journeys consist of between 8 to 20 people of all ages. We offer room shares for single travellers. We have been truly blessed by the wonderful people who have come on our journeys. You too are welcome.


Individual Travellers

We offer exclusive, personally tailored itineraries for both first time travellers to India as also people who have visited India many times. We also custom journeys for families who may want to explore different aspects of India, incorporating the interests of different family members.

We Go Everywhere

We even travel down the small paths that conceal hidden wonders – the unbeaten track where the large tour buses can't go! There is no place in India that we can't arrange for you to visit.

Cultural Visits

We are keen to let you experience the best of Indian culture, both classical and folk. We include musical programmes, dance performances, counterpart meetings, home visits, trips to schools and crafts centers, and private lectures by experts. We try and accommodate any particular interests expressed by our guests, whether it is cooking, getting clothes tailored, kite flying, astrology, or meeting a wise guru.


Travel Mindfully with Us

Mindful travel is about being alive in the moment, being wide-awake, being present to what life puts in our path. When we become mindful travellers, we invite events and experiences to appear at their own time and in their own way. We enjoy making plans but we are always open to new opportunities. This is the essence of mindful travel -- observation and participation. Mindful travel is spontaneous. Because the journey is one of moment by moment unfoldment, we remain fully present. This can lead to acute observation of both our selves and others. We see with new eyes and experience each new world as if for the first time. Are we alive to where we are? How are we affecting the environment and the people around us? How can we use travel to positively impact the world? Mindful travellers thrive on what is happening in the moment and choose actions within that context.


Government Accreditation

We are tour operators approved by the Government of India, guaranteeing a quality standard and service for tourism all over India.



You can depend on our record of professionalism and safety. Famous people, prestigious museums and noted academics, recognise Buddhapath/Eleven Directions as a reliable travel operator. Personal recommendations, apart from what we have listed on our website, are available on request.


All Inclusive

For upcoming journeys, everything is clearly explained in our detailed terms and conditions. Our tours include domestic airfare, all hotels, meals, taxes, guides, entrance fees, transportation, and lots of extras. No hidden costs on our trips. Tips are optional. 


Expert Guides

All our tours are led by hand picked, local guides who are fun, friendly and knowledgeable. You are met upon arrival and you are escorted throughout. We also access local experts in some places. For example, on our inter faith journeys we get someone from the spiritual tradition that we are visiting to explain his/her practices and the meaning of their faith.


Personalized Attention

You are unique and not just a number to us. We are available to assist you – before, during and after your tour.  When you get in touch with us you will be speaking with a person who will help you choose the right trip and craft an itinerary that meets your personal interests and style. The greatest compliment we receive is that so many people choose to travel with us again.


Comfort and Safety

Prepare to immerse yourself. Relax and enjoy the experiences of local culture and beautiful natural environs, confident of our standards of accommodation, transportation, cleanliness and security, and the support of our professional staff.


Bask In Local Hospitality

Besides 5 star hotels, we seek out small boutique hotels and lodges and even home stays where local culture is strong and we can enjoy regional cuisines and traditional lifestyles.


Journeys of Discovery

Our journeys are exploratory, intellectual and spiritual adventures - more a state of mind than a risky or arduous challenge. The real adventure is new insights, the awe of nature, encounters with new cultures, and the excitement of personal discovery.

We are happy to have connected with you and look forward to serving you.

A proportion of the proceeds of the above journeys goes to the non-profit, volunteer based organisation Ahimsa Trust. Ahimsa Trust is working for peace through mindfulness in education, sustainable livelihoods and cultural harmony. For more information please click on to www.ahimsatrust.org